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Everyday Carry

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

Why would you want to carry and handmade minimalist leather card case? well the answer is simple, you will only carry what you need!

I know some of you just hate the feeling of too much stuff in your pockets (although if you're on this site, maybe your definition of too much stuff is different than others). This is where minimalist wallets come in. By design, they fit better in your pocket and can even be a little restrictive at times, encouraging you to be more considered in what you actually keep in them. Traditional wallets with a ton of card slots make it so easy to over stuff them with cards you'll probably never use while you're out.

Leather does stretch a tiny bit, but not much. As a result, your wallet takes up a fixed amount of space in your pocket If you carry only a few cards.

If your top priority is having the slimmest, most compact wallet possible, look into the Dalton by, This handmade wallet has been design to fit 6 to 8 cards, with a total of 4 individual pockets. by using the best natural vegetable tan leather and wax infuse treads this wallet will last you for a long time.

By designing this beautiful handmade piece we have incorporated a slim and minimalist approach and Both sides of this sleek and slim wallet feature slanted pockets for easy access to your your most used cards. you can pair this wallet with a key chain to match the style and design.

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