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Vintage cars

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

Why do we enjoy these vintage machines?

I would say that is the simplicity and the minimalist approach to the designs.

Automobiles have evolved rapidly from a simple one-cylinder engine to autonomous self-driving.

Where will we go from here?

But there are some of us that are stuck with letting go of that cold start in the mornings, Choke the carburetors, to that smell of petrol! To hearing every noise and the feeling of every bump on the road, to the feeling of that the steering with no Power assist, for some of us that is just priceless and puts a big smile on our faces as we drive down the road, no power brakes! Oh Yea!!

This is a 1963 Austin Healey Sprite, a small British roadster. Announce at the end of May 1961 used the same 948 cc engine (engine code 9CG), but with larger twin 11⁄4 inch SU carburetors, increasing power to 46.5 bhp.

A close-ratio gearbox was fitted. The bodywork was completely revamped, with the headlights migrating to a more conventional position in the wings, either side of a full-width grille and a conventional bonnet. At the rear, The result was a much less eccentric-looking sports car, though at the expense of some 100 lbs extra weight. In contrast to the 'frog-eye', the later cars are often collectively referred to as square-bodied Sprites by enthusiasts.

The simplicity and the availability of parts for this cars makes then a perfect start for a classic sports convertible to add to your future collection.

As time goes by I will be updating the progress of this restoration that started in August of 2022.

All works has been done in my home garage with some basic tools and lots of elbow grease!

This is how it started. I found this car in Tuscaloosa Alabama and had it moved to my Garage in Lawrenceville GA.

Engine bay! Ewww!

New engine bay!! Looks cleaner, but where is the engine?

The engine is currently being rebuild by my good friend Carlos, he loves old school cars. Specially the euro engines of the 60s.

New floors were installed and the Dashboard was restored, Radio was removed and a new metal plate installed. All aluminum trim was cleaned as well as the windshield frame.

This process is the part that a lot of people give up on before seeing the result.

Stay tuned as I will be updating this blog for more progress. I am planing on driving this car summer! Of 2023!

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