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we can’t quite figure out the classic car world’s recent fascination with patina. Worn examples of automobiles are occasionally achieving higher prices than their restored counterparts—ones in significantly better condition.



The Nissan S130 is a sport Coupe produced by Nissan in Japan from 1978 to 1983. It was sold as the Datsun 280ZX, Nissan Fairlady Z and Nissan Fairlady 280Z.

The first generation of the RX-7, SA (early) and FB (late), was a two-seater 2 door Htachback Coupe. It featured a 12A carbureted rotary engine as well as the option for a 13B with electronic fuel injection in later years.

FJ40 Toyota.jpg


The Toyota Land Cruiser (J40), is a series of offroad vehicles made by the Japanese Manufacture Toyota from 1960 until 2001. Most FJ40 series Land Cruisers were built as 2-door models

The Land Rover series I, II, and III commonly referred to as series Land Rovers, to distinguish them from later models) are compact British Off-Road Vehicles, produced by the Rover Company since 1948, and later by British Leyland


Why do we enjoy this vintage machines?

I would say is that is the simplicity and the minimalist approach to the designs!

1963 Austin Healey Sprite, a small British roadster. Announce at the end of May 1961 used the same 948 cc engine (engine code 9CG), but with larger twin 11⁄4 inch SU carburetors, increasing power to 46.5 bhp.

Check Out My Blog for an Update on the Restoration of this Car!!

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