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Hand Made Belts!!!!!

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

Do you want to own a hand made leather belt, customized to fit you and look great with your best pair of jeans?

I purchased a hand made leather belt almost 20 years ago, and I feel that it is the best purchase on an apparel item I have made. It's old and still looks good for a 20 year old belt.

I have been making leather belts for the last few years for friends and family and now I think it is time to offer these items to you.

When I make a custom belt, I choose the best leathers I can find, I spend hours cutting, staining and shaping the leather to bring that custom original look to the piece being created. All of my belts are hand cut, hand stained, hand stitched in order to maintain the traditional and original "Hand Made" approach!

If you want to get one of my belts just subscribe to my email list and send me an email with what you need done.

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Latigo Red

Any craftsman can design and make a belt from any type of leather he pleases. The beauty of preferring handmade belts is that they tend to be made from genuine leather while most of the non-handmade belts are made from faux leather.

A truly awesome handmade belt should be made from genuine leather.

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These things are awesome! Just got one and I'm very happy. It's rugged and Looks Great! So well made, this belt will last a long time.....

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