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Hand made Knives

Are handmade knives worth it?

handmade knives can have better balance and more strength when the maker who makes them extend more metal through the handle. As such, they're more comfortable to hold and use, as well as sturdier, since they typically contain only one piece of steel. Handmade pieces are consider works of art, functional and beauty is part of the approach to every piece made.

Why are hand made knives so expensive?

A knife can't be made from nothing. Some makers recycle materials but even these are not free and must be located, salvaged, and often times processed to usable dimensions. Found materials are oftentimes more expensive because they require more time an work to prepare than purchased materials. Every knife takes countless hours, from the design to the execution of the proper materials, heating the metal and shaping to the desire and final length takes lots of time. Valuable time.

How much should you spend on knife set?

A hand knives should be thought of as an investment—something you'll have and use and benefit from for many years. For a quality hand made knife with a custom leather sheath  storage, will be between $100 and $700.

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